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Christine Woodacre, Arnewood School, New MiltonArnewood School - Ninjas

"Jane’s visit to The Arnewood School was a wonderful day. Her experience as a television and theatre director and script writer coupled with her teenage fiction writing gives her a unique breadth of knowledge which she shares with great enthusiasm. Her ability to lead a productive creative writing session, engage over three hundred students in our Hall, inspire and fascinate a class of Media students then direct a group of Drama students followed by a session of Year 7 in Ninja suits with throwing stars demonstrates her versatility and energy. We all enjoyed the day and there is no doubt the students benefitted from her visit. "

Christine Woodacre, Arnewood School, New Milton
16 January 2015

Julie Hird, Rotherham libraries and Leeds schools

"It's fantastic to see how visits from authors can have a powerful effect upon young people and how they think about books and stories. Once they have made a connection with a book and its writer there is obviously a greater enjoyment of their reading experience. 

Jane's visit to Rotherham inspired her audience of youngsters, teachers and library staff to want to know about and read more of her books. Some children joined the library for the first time and others were keen to take away copies there and then so as not to miss out on the next stage of the adventure - please come back soon . . .!"

Julie Hird, Reader Development Manager
18 February 2010

Ian Dunn - Langley Park School for Boys, Beckenham, UK Langley Park School for Boys, Beckenham

"Jane's visit to us at Langley Park Boys' School was an unqualified success. Our boys were inspired not only by readings from the excellent Hattori Hachi novel but by Jane's passion for writing and creativity. The library was buzzing with excitement and English classes have been energised and enthused ever since the visit. 

The Sixth Form Creative Writing Club were immensely grateful for Jane's practical advice and motivating words. I would recommend a visit to any school looking to enliven their English students."

Ian Dunn, Head of English
5 February 2010

Lytchett Minster School, DorsetEdna Hobbs - Lytchett Minster School, Dorset, UK

"Students were still buzzing with excitement days after the workshop. Jane uses the students’ own experiences and insights to engage them and her own expertise to move them on – she makes sure the workshop is about their writing, with her wisdom and expertise as a guiding light, rather than merely an opportunity to promote her work.  What she taught them was simple, clear and useful not only for writing fiction, but equally valid for exam and course-work essays. Jane also adapted each session to suit the students in front of her, quickly adapting to be most relevant to their needs and interests. We all enjoyed ourselves enormously, staff and students alike."

12 December 2009

Paul Kaspar - Lytchett Minster School, Dorset, UK

"Thanks again for a really inspiring visit. My A level and BTEC Media Students were all particularly enthused by your passion for scriptwriting, and by your first hand experiences of the media industry."

Paul Kaspar, Head of Media
14 December 2009

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