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After facing death on THREE different ninja adventures, I decided it’s time to spread the word about the evil Kataki world-wide. I’ve fought Praying Mantis – the most deadly assassin known to man, and also Raven – who hang-glides through the sky, swooping down to steal prey to eat, which legend says is sometimes even human! For a very limited time, you can read my first story – The Revenge of Praying Mantis – for FREE. I want at least one person in every country in the world to know about these evil underground warriors – and please, please blog back and tell me what you think they’re up to near you! Act fast! Tell your friends! Don’t wait – the giveaway of The Revenge of Praying Mantis ends when we’ve reached every country on our map… Thank you, my friends. Your ever faithful, Hattori Hachi, ninja warrior.

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  1. Sam (from Southampton,UK) says:

    Let me know if you need any help.
    (Can’t wait to start book 3 but unfortunately my sister is getting a signed copy for Christmas and is not letting me read it before her.)

  2. Unanimous (from unitedkingdom) says:

    Have found secret Kataki base and request back-up imediatly!!!

    • HattoriHachi says:

      Urgent information required! Where is base? What are Kataki doing? How can we help? Remember – it’s better to hide and observe than to get involved in a fight you may not win! Find your enemies’ weakest points! Then report back to us at base. HH, Mad Dog and Neena xxx

  3. josh and tom (from unitedkingdom) says:

    hi hattie i and my brother have been reading your books AND WE LOVE THEM!!! we anxiously await your next book. we both hope that the kataki don’t spread much further because they might get unstopable! hope that you, maddog and neena are doing well in your training because youll need it!

    • HattoriHachi says:

      Book 4 will take me, Mad Dog and Neena on a dangerous, exciting adventure to the country (outside the UK) that takes the most downloads of our gloabal giveaway of book 1, The Revenge of Praying Mantis. Keep reports coming to us about what’s going on where you live – as we’ll also visit the county in the UK with the most people to sign up. Check where we’ve reached so far on our countries page http://www.hattorihachi.com/countries.asp We’re nearly three quareters of the way to our 1000th person to download – and that person will get signed copies of all three books! So keep checking checking the website, keep spreading the word – and definitely keep an eye on those evvil Kataki and let me know what they’re up to!! HH xxxx

  4. Oky Septya (from Indonesia) says:

    Hi there. Thanks for spreading this book globally, I just knew that evil Kataki is up to global world. Indonesia is such a big country and we have a huge population, so we really need to prepare for their attack!!

    I’ve been spreading the news on my blog. I wrote in Bahasa so I think you’ll need a google translate. Here is my post http://sinopsisuntukmu.blogspot.com/2012/08/free-ebook-hattori-hachi.html

    • HattoriHachi says:

      Hi Oky. Indonesia is a wonderful country and loads of people have downloaded The Revenge of Praying Mantis since your blog – thank you so much for your support! Your country might even have a future story set there if your friends and fans keep downloading at this rate… I will start to find out what the Kataki are planning in your part of the world. Neena is my chief researcher – she’s already been told the Kataki’s plans involve countries everywhere and that we must all be on our guard… More soon… Mad Dog is calling me for training. He’s working on some new and thrilling ninja skills for the next adventure. Sayonara, Hattori Hachi.

    • josh (from unitedkingdom) says:


  5. Shani Lambert (from UnitedKingdom) says:

    Hey Hattie! I think your doing a great job protecting the world. I have downloaded your first book but have not read it yet, however I am reading your second book and I love it so much my mum has to force me to put it down. Keep it up!

    • HattoriHachi says:

      Hi Shani! I’m so happy youre enjoying my second adventure – there are so many more Kataki warriors to fight around the world. Keep spreading the word and encouraging friends and family to download the first book… I’m in training now but will soon be travelling around the globe, taking on enemies and finding ways to keep the peace. More soon! Hattori Hachi, loyal ninja warrior.

  6. HattoriHachi says:

    Thanks for the great mention on your blog Hikma! The Revenge of Praying Mantis is spreading to lots of countries now – all we need is to discover what the evil Kataki are up to. I know they’re plotting terrible things and we must all keep our eyes and ears open…

  7. Hikma (from UnitedKingdom) says:
  8. Hattori Hachi says:

    You’re right – the Kataki are everywhere! How many of them can I take on? Which battles are the ones worth fighting..? Help me spread the word globally so we can see where to best use our ninja skills… For now, I must leave Buckingham Palace to the Queen’s bodyguards. HH x

  9. Hikma (from UnitedKingdom) says:

    I think they’re planning an attack on Buckingham Palace! But it’s not because they want to steal things, it’s because they want your attention Hattie-they want you to search for them, they want you to find them. But don’t go to them-who knows what they want from you?

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