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See the locations in Camden Market where the action of Hattori Hachi: The Revenge of Praying Mantis takes place!

Camden Market, northwest London



Camden Interior horse stables"We took the long way to Camden Market to keep to the back streets and shadows.  We went in through the entrance signposted the Old Horse Stables, and hid under a staircase that led up to the first-floor shops..."


Camden market "They sell everything in Camden Market from clothes to food to paintings, antiques, scarves, jewellery and loads of brightly coloured fabrics..."


Camden market stalls "We made our way through the market, taking it all in - the restored antique furniture, the vintage clothes shops, the music stalls, the puppets, the toys and even a rickshaw for sale..."


Marrakech restaurant"It was all going great.  Until I saw Dad.  I knew this could happen.  Even though he was on compassionate leave, he often walked the community police circuit just for something to do.  Here he was, coming straight towards us right by the Marrakech restaurant where people were happily eating their supper..."  


Camden Lock"Two big rats right in the middle of Camden Market was not good for business. Dad was distracted just long enough for me to grab Mad Dog and drag him off, whistling for Bushi and Akira to follow me.  We ducked out of the market and ran along Camden High Street till Dad couldn't see us..."


Marrakech restaurant"We turned into Buck Street where I knew there were places to hide and I pulled Mad Dog into the shadows of a graffitied brick building at the back of the tube..." 


Marrakech restaurant"'We can double back and follow the canal till we're on track again,' Mad Dog said in his quietest voice.  So we put on our hoods and went back out into the dusky evening in our full ninja gear.  We kept to the shadows again, ducking down to the canal towpath the minute we could.  We even used our climbing claws to cross the underside of a bridge to get past a drunk who was singing and shouting at no one in particular.  He didn't see us pass.  We were elated..."