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Book 2: Stalking the Enemy  

Stalking the enemy is an amazing read, I am reading it for the third time, it still stays as thrilling as the first time I read It. Hattori Hachi is an amazing heroine with extreme ninja skills. The book could not get anymore exciting and I cannot wait until the next installment comes out!! 

By Jessica Hill, 13 years old

i love the books..especially this one. hattie and mad dog are really great together and hope they continue being together. i really want to continue reading these books so i really want the book three to be written

By Sarah Ramlall, 16 years old  

Hi! I just wanted to say that I think your books are really amazing! I was a judge for the 2010 Portsmouth Book Awards and I voted for Hattori Hachi to win. I was really disappointed that it didn't win but at least lots of people know about it and can read it and discover the amazing world of ninjitsu.
What I liked about Revenge of the Praying Mantis was that for once it was a girl hero doing all the brave stuff because usually it's always boys getting all the main character parts and girls never get a look-in. I could definitely connect with Hattie and I think the storyline was really interesting. I also liked all the things I could learn about Ninjitsu. It really helps you learn as well as being a great story! The second book, Stalking the Enemy, was also really good and I didn't want to put it down. It was just as good as the first one, maybe even better, if that is possible! Jane is an amazing author and these two books are probably among the best, and most interesting, ones I've read so far!

Gloria Truscott, 13 years old

Hi Jane! I love your books and voted for Hattori Hatchi to win the book awards. I enjoyed Hattori Hatchi: Revenge of the praying mantis so much that i decided to read the next one in the series: Stalking the enemy. It was really good. Thanks for writing the Hattori Hatchi series and i hope that there will be more to come.

By Niki Poore, 13 years old

Hattie’s complicated Ninjutsu life is once again turned upside down in this wonderful second book, Stalking The Enemy. With a new villain on the scene called Raven, Hattie is called to Kielder to find out what he is planning and why. Along the way Hattie discovers a world of secrets and legends and also the truth about the people around her. On top of all that, she has to fight the evil Kataki. 

After meeting the author at my school and hearing a short passage from the book, I thought, ‘this book sounds good’ and I was right, but this book wasn’t just ‘good’, it was brilliant! I enjoyed every moment and was not bored at all whilst reading it. 

The language of this novel is modern and quite easy to read, making it suitable for a range of reading abilities. Also it is easy to imagine what is going on particularly the scenery and the amazing Ninja fights that happen throughout the book! Jane Prowse has an excellent imagination and has incorporated her knowledge of modern teenage life into her novel effectively, making it possible for teenagers to connect with the book more. 

The three main characters, Neena, Mad Dog and Hattie, are believable as people making it possible for the reader to connect with them. Their different personalities and back-grounds create an interesting and wonderful friendship full of trust and loyalty. For those who have not read the first book, you will definitely like this trio! 

What I liked especially about this book was the use of Japanese Ninjutsu terms and a short explanation of what they are. I thought that this was a very good and effective technique as the reader is learning something new as they read the story. Also the use of quotations for the title of each chapter was quite interesting and unique. The way the quotes are connected to what happened in the chapter is an excellent idea! This reflects the hard work and research Jane Prowse has done for this book. 

Boys should not be put off by the main character being a girl; this delightful book is full of Ninja action and packed with clever surprises that will hook anyone who reads it! The clever storyline leaves you constantly thinking and trying to work out Raven’s devious plan just as Hattori is. 

Overall, Hattori Hachi: Stalking the Enemy is definitely well worth reading!

By Hollymay Gladwin, 15 years old

Book 1:  The Revenge of Praying Mantis  

I have loved reading this book. I thought I'd like it after meeting you at Southampton Central library. I love the theme, all about Japan and ninjutsu, and I think having a female main character makes this book accessible to everyone. I loved the shocks, secrets and discoveries in the story, I could never predict what might come next. The character Suzi particularly surprised me, as at first she seems friendly, but turns out to be otherwise! Yazuki is also a brilliant character, for her disguises, and wisdom.

The story is very well written, and I was totally drawn in. I can't wait to complete the sequel!

By Saul Barry, 10 years old

The Revenge of the Praying Mantis was absolutely amazing. It was extremely gripping and an awesome tale. It was enthralling and I would recommend this to any avid reader. It created an extremely vivid picture on my mind and as the story went on the picture in my mind got better and better. I have really only been interested before in the Young Samurai series but now I need to make more room on my shelves for this book and the second one in the trilogy. For me it has been impossible to put down and for that I loved it. If I ever find a book as adventurous or as action-packed as this I will be very surprised. Well done Jane Prowse!!!!

By Albany Rowan, 12 years old

Wow - never expected this book to be so good. Hattie Jackson has become my new best friend!

By Katie, 14 years old

this was the best book I've ever read. It was exciting and thrilling and when i started reading it, i could not put it back down.

By Roshane Perera, 18 years old

This is the best book I have ever read. I never wanted to put it down. The characters' personalities fitted the book like a glove and the adventures just kept on coming. If you're looking for an adventure, look here. If you're looking for a mystery, look here. If you're looking for the best adventure book of the year, look here! Hope we get to find out what Hattori does next!!

By Bella Wickens, 13 years old

Hattori Hachi is like the female Jackie Chan, she has all the ninjitsu skills and all the moves! The revenge of Praying Mantis is one of my all time favourite books! I love the fact that both boys and girls can enjoy it. In the story there is a handful of emotions and a lot of time and care has been put into it. I love it!

By Jessica Hill, 12 years old

Hi Jane

Just to let the world know that, even as an OAP I thoroughly enjoyed your first book. It made excellent holiday reading, and at times it was difficult to put down! I feel it will appeal to all age groups; ie teens upwards. Good luck with the next, we will be getting our copy.  Judy

From Judy Jones, pensioner

Amazing Book!! Couldn't put it down, Bought from my school after the author's talk on 05/02/2010 (Friday) and finished it on the very next day!! Completely drawn into the story within the first chapter!!

By Jack Davis, 12 years old

This book is great for both genders, most ages and certainly all adventure lovers! You must have this book on your shelf. It has excitement, fact and a very clever story line. It's great! READ IT!

By Alfie Keenan, 9 years old

I loved this book ! This book is about a girl called Hattie who discovers her Mother's secret life as a Ninjitsu master. At first the book slowly unravels itself, but then it gets more and more exciting.
I thought that it was a very emotional story and it was told in very good detail. At first there are things that you don't understand but they are explained later in the book. This makes the reader keen to keep reading on to find out the answer. For example at first you don't know why Hattie's Mother gave her a locket.

I liked the fact that you learned about Ninjitsu and I got sucked in, wanting to know more and more about this Martial Art. I liked the fact that it was action-packed, that there are people you trust but then you find out that you can't really trust them. I was glad that it was a girl hero - I hate that other books make girls look like wimps but in this book the girl is strong and no matter what, she holds on and protects others.
The story was told from Hattie's point of view and it gave her opinion about people which I really enjoyed. I liked it that she learned her own lessons and that she made sure that her friends were always beside her - she put herself into danger first to look after her friends.
I would reccommend this book to everyone !

By Francesca Forte, 11 years old

I would not normally have been attracted to read a book with this title.  However, I am glad I was persuaded to do so. From the very beginning, I found it intriguing and, as I progressed through this exciting adventure, it became increasingly important to find the time to read “just another chapter”.  

Yesterday I recommended it to a Japanese friend.

By Prudence Vincent, 77 years young

Thrilling, exciting, hugely imaginative and a real page turner, this book holds your attention from start to finish. The book begins by introducing us to Hattie, a 15 yer-old girl around whom the plot ultimatley centres. At first her world seems very typical as we are introduced to the other characters: Nina, devoted best friend, Yazuki, Shiela and Tasha weaver and Hatties hugely caring and sensitive father, these people along with others make up the community in which Hattie lives although she soon realises that her seemingly mundane urban surroundings actually have a lot more to offer than would first appear. When Hatties mother goes missing her world is turned upside down with only the Foundry, the childrens home she set up to provide a lasting legacy. Hattie befriends Mad Dog, a boy previously housed in the Foundry and together the pair make all sorts of fantastic discoveries. The description of Hatties world transports us into the thick of things with an oriental vein running throughout. Exciting revelations allow us to be swept up ino the dark, intriguing world of the Kataki as the plot moves quickly onwards. Hattie's world becomes more complicated as she makes more and more discoveries about her family and true identity, all around her things are changing and no-one is entirely trustworthy. As Hattie is introduced to the ninjutsu world the 'games' from her childhood take on a new significance and suddenly everything begins to fall into place. Hattie is bombarded with all sorts of moves and techniques to learn before she is to take on the fearsome and cruel Praying Mantis. The pace of the book quickens as Hattie discovers the Kataki's terrifying plot and it's up to her to protect her friends and family. The plot twists and turns in the most unexpected of ways as we follow Hattie through this incredible year of her life. There is never a dull moment in this book as we are transported to the fantastic world of the orient, I throughly enjoyed it.

By Claire Mitchell, 17 years old

I really really liked this book. This book is about Hattori Hachi a.k.a. Hattie Jackson, Golden Child. Hattie is fifteen years old and when her Mum goes missing she discovers that her Mother was actually a secret Ninjitsu in training. Hattie then discovers many secrets and goes looking for her Mother with the aid of a friend and a Secret Ninjitsu Master.
What I liked about this book is the fact that it is all knotted and twisted up at first but then it unravels and it all becomes clear and you realise how clever it all is. The ammount of Ninjitsu knowledge that the author has, is stunning. 

This book is full of betrayal and revelation. People find out what is and what may be. I liked Hattie very much because she was very cunning and understood many things, although she does have anger melt-downs. 

This amazing book's plot must have been very complicated to write because it took you round every corner and the author must have looked at a great many things to have the knowledge she does.

The story could be a bit scary in places which was OK for me but might be too much for younger children (say around the age of five).

I couldn't put this book down - it was absolutely brilliant !

By Hugo Forte, 9 years old

I thought this book was amazing. It had me hooked from the first page. I love how Jane Prowse started the book with something symbolic in Japan, instead of moving right into the story. You learnt a bit about other countries and enjoyed a great book at the same time.

By Hikma Saleem